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Our Story


Crafting Beer with Audio Precision

Audio Graph Beer Co. is a microbrewery located in downtown LA, near Arena. We are passionate about fusing audio engineering precision with the craft of brewing, creating unique and exceptional beers that stand out from the crowd.


Our Bass Clef Barleywine won gold and best in show at the California State Fair, Silver at World Beer Cup, and more. Our Spring Reverb earned bronze at the Great American Beer Fest.

Our team is made up of experienced brewers and passionate beer drinkers who use their expertise to create beers that are not only delicious but also have a unique sound that sets them apart. We are committed to using only high-quality ingredients to ensure that every beer we make is of the highest quality.

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THE Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

A Crafted FocuS

An Unfiltered Sound

Blending an audio engineer's precision with a seasoned brewer's craft, we aim to challenge expectations while honoring meticulously crafted beer with a bold, unwavering spirit.

Shared Rhythm

In our ever-evolving city, we stand as a communal hub, in tune with the city's dynamic pulse, drawing all to share in the vibrant spirit of urban life, connection, diversity, and innovation.

the UnexpecteD

Opened during unprecedented times, we’ve always tried to amplify the unconventional, and have earned accolades for our unique beers, fearless spirit, and innovative approach.

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